Hey, I’m Ryan. I’m 22. 

 Already have a few pen pals.

Looking for an e-mail buddy.

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Supernatural, OITNB.

Interests: reading, writing, music, cooking baking, LBGTQA rights

Let me know if you are interested: illbeyourgentlemanstory.tumblr.com/

Name: Ellen 

Age: 22

URL: nerdyjournalista.tumblr.com

Country: USA

Fandom(s): American Horror Story, Doctor Who, Sherlock, The IT Crowd, Archer, DC Comics, Batman, Harry Potter, Fall Out Boy, Lana Del Rey, Arrested Development, Sylvia Plath, Chuch Palahniuk, Stephen King, and probably tons and tons more that I can’t think of right now. 

About me: I just moved to Kansas a little over a month ago. I’m a journalist and cat mom. I should have majored in napping in college and I would have graduated with honors. 

I’d like to exchange: letters, emails, crafts, gifts (I’m not artistic at all, but I am learning to knit!)

I can speak: English

I can give you: my email and my address (after a little talking). Also, my Skype, Twitter, and Instagram (maybe Facebook, too)

I would like to have: friends from all over the world and in my own country! I would just prefer a female age 20-28. 

Name: Kerrygan-Lee Mc Manus, but I’ll prefer Kerry or Kerrygan

Age: 18

URL: kerrycolada.tumblr.com

Country: Germany

Fandom(s) : Hetalia, Sherlock Holmes (BBC) , SPN , Harry Potter

About Kerry : 
I’m currently looking for a penpal that speaks Spanish. I’d love to learn a little bit more, since my grades dropped a bit. I speak German and English fluently, I’d teach some German in exchange, if theres any interests. For all shippers out there: I am a mutli-shipper, I don’t think that ANY ship is horrible or disgusting. Also, I’m very tolerant and friendly.
My hobbies are singing, acting, drawing and music. I’m not above average talent with any of them. 
Tough I’d prefer a Spanish-Speaking Pen-Pal, you can add me anyways if you’re interested!

I’d like to exchange : letters (I you want to, I don’t need to do that), Skype adresses (same for this one)

I can speak: English & German

I can give you : My Skype Username, my E-Mail Adress, we’ll see for the rest

I would like to have: Friends all over the World!

A picture of my dog. Obviously.

Name: Brianna
Age: 20
URL: briannibal
Country: USA

Fandom(s) : So many

About you : Hi! I am Brianna! I am a twenty-something who is still completely lost about what to do with her life. I play on my university’s tennis team, and I recently started indoor rock climbing. I love to read books and travel and generally just want to have many fun adventures with friends.

I can speak: English only :( and like a teeeeeeny tiny bit of German

I can give you  We can try messages via tumblr/e-mail at first and then progress to letters/texts????

I would like to have: Friends from all over, near or far! :)

Name: Jamie
Age: 23
URL:  http://thevolatilemolotov.tumblr.com
Country: USA
Fandom(s) : Doctor Who, Sleepy Hollow, Marvel, Welcome to Night Vale, Hannibal
About you : I’m a recent graduate of UC Berkeley and am working as a journalist. I like tumblr because I constantly learn new things while also being able to keep up with my interests. I enjoy intellectual conversations, people who enjoy superheroes, fiction and believing that really really awesome pieces of art can be powerful. 
I’d like to exchange : emails, letters, thoughts
I can speak: English and some Italian
I can give you : my email or skype
I would like to have: friends all over the world



Name: Hannah
Age: (remember , you have to be 16 years old at least :3) I am 17 years young.
URL: http://musicxlover97.tumblr.com/
Country: Usa
Fandom(s) : my main one is Teen Wolf. but I like a few youtube fandoms such as O2L, tyler oakly, etc.
About you : (write a little presentation!) My name is Hannah, i’m 17 years old. and I like cats.Um i’m shy at frist but once you get to know me i’m very outgoing. I’m very awkward, and I love to read.um I’m not sure what else to put here. I live on the internet.  
I’d like to exchange : letters, fanfictions, fanart, crafts, everything (tell what you want to exchange!) um I guess everything.
I can speak: English
I can give you : my email / my address / Both. Both but email first
I would like to have: friends all over the world / friends in my country / both. Both but mostly more friends from my country.

Name: Flip (Used to be Madelynn, but that’s boring)
Age: 16 (Just turned it, yay!)
URL: fliponcemore (Celebrating the return of my name in my URL)
Country: Canada
Fandom(s) : Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, The Last Airbender, Percy Jackson series, Iron Fey series, I have way too many fandoms to list, really, those are the ones that currently have my love.
About you : Just turned sixteen, and I realized I wanted to make some more friends. I love to write, but I can’t really talk to people. This is my compromise between the two. And, just to make things better, why not have a penpal who shares my fandoms?
I’d like to exchange : letters (obviously) fanfictions (I’d love to read yours, and I’d love to send mine) fanart (I myself can’t draw, but if you can, feel free to show me.) crafts (I’ll make a valiant effort with this one, but art isn’t really my forte)
I can speak: English, and being Canadian, I know French, I’m just not really that fluent in it anymore.
I can give you : my email and my address
I would like to have: friends all over the world, and friends in my country. I’m friendly, so friends from all over are welcome.

Hello :) Hetalian english speaker here, 15 years. Living in London, love sushi hate tomatoes. Otaku-ish (just don’t expect me to know everything). Je parle Francais, mais pas tres bien donc j’aimerais le améliorer. Je suis désolé pour tous faute de grammaire >.> J’espère qu’on va bien s’entendre!

I want to learn a lot of languages, but baby steps, right? C’est un monde merveilleux.


wefallupon-therisers sent: This is a great little idea you guys have Very unique and I haven't seen a blog likw

Thank you, glad you think so!


Searching a Penpal

Name: Alexandra

Age: 16 1/2!

URL: http://elisaveta110.tumblr.com

Country: Germany

Fandom(s) : Hetalia, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Black Butler, Hannibal

About you : I am a quiet and shy girl. I like everyone, if they like me, too. And if you want to know more about me, write to me. ^^

I’d like to exchange : letters, fanfictions, postcards, fanarts … and E-Mails, but I don’t write often E-Mails x3

I can speak: I speak fluently German and Russian, and I can write and speak English good, too. I’m learning French since 3 years and I use to learn Norwegian… Well, I can speak some words Japanease!

I can give you : my email and my address

I would like to have: friends all over the world including Germany.

songofages sent: is this still running? i was thinking of starting my own (because hey i dont need more reasons for designing sideblogs ) but if this is still running i might try this first.

This is definitely still running! 


Name: Jazzlyn Miller
Age: 16
URL: saving—people—-hunting—things
Country: US
Fandom(s) : Supernatural, Night Vale, Marvel, Bands, Doctor Who, The Sims, and a little Sherlock
About you : Hi! I am interested in many fandoms and I really like writing letters! I would like to exchange art, but fair warning im not very good!
I’d like to exchange : letters, fanfictions, fanart, crafts
I can speak: English only (sorry)
I can give you : my email / my address(maybe after a little while) / both
I would like to have: friends all over the world / friends in my country / both

Name: Alissa
Age: 19
URL: http://miserylovestheinternet.tumblr.com
Country: Canada
Fandom(s) : My main fandom right now is Teen Wolf but I love most of the big fandoms and even some small ones. The chances are we have one if not more fandoms in common so just ask. 
About you : I’m not very outgoing at first but when I get to know someone it’s hard to get me to stop talking. I have a lot of hobbies including but not limited to writing, cooking, and reading. 
I’d like to exchange : E-mails. I’m not really in a position to send letters all the time but would love to communicate through e-mail. I’d love to swap fanfiction and fanart. 
I can speak: English only unfortunately.
I can give you : my email and then maybe my address after we’ve gotten to know each other. 
I would like to have: fandom friends just in general though if we ever mailed each other something Canada and North America would be ideal.

Name: Helena
Age: 16
Country: Germany
Fandom(s) : Harry Potter, Glee, and so much more
About you :  Well I’m from a really small town, I love English and I’d like to find people who are interested in my fandoms as well :)
I’d like to exchange : letters and thought about pretty much everything :)
I can speak: German, English, French, and a little bit Spanish
I can give you : my email… and if you behave might as well my adress 
I would like to have: friends all over the world / friends in my country, I really liked if I could get to know people from all over the planet, to be honest 

Name: Courtney
Age: 27
URL: http://ihufflepuffs.tumblr.com
Country: USA
Fandom(s) : Harry Potter
About you : Umm… I’m shy till you get to know me, but I love making new friends.
I’d like to exchange : letters, fanfics
I can speak: English
I can give you : My e-mail… maybe address after we’ve talked a bit
I would like to have: All over the world (as long as your English is decent) and the USA