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Thank you, glad you think so!


Searching a Penpal

Name: Alexandra

Age: 16 1/2!

URL: http://elisaveta110.tumblr.com

Country: Germany

Fandom(s) : Hetalia, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Black Butler, Hannibal

About you : I am a quiet and shy girl. I like everyone, if they like me, too. And if you want to know more about me, write to me. ^^

I’d like to exchange : letters, fanfictions, postcards, fanarts … and E-Mails, but I don’t write often E-Mails x3

I can speak: I speak fluently German and Russian, and I can write and speak English good, too. I’m learning French since 3 years and I use to learn Norwegian… Well, I can speak some words Japanease!

I can give you : my email and my address

I would like to have: friends all over the world including Germany.

songofages sent: is this still running? i was thinking of starting my own (because hey i dont need more reasons for designing sideblogs ) but if this is still running i might try this first.

This is definitely still running! 


Name: Jazzlyn Miller
Age: 16
URL: saving—people—-hunting—things
Country: US
Fandom(s) : Supernatural, Night Vale, Marvel, Bands, Doctor Who, The Sims, and a little Sherlock
About you : Hi! I am interested in many fandoms and I really like writing letters! I would like to exchange art, but fair warning im not very good!
I’d like to exchange : letters, fanfictions, fanart, crafts
I can speak: English only (sorry)
I can give you : my email / my address(maybe after a little while) / both
I would like to have: friends all over the world / friends in my country / both

Name: Alissa
Age: 19
URL: http://miserylovestheinternet.tumblr.com
Country: Canada
Fandom(s) : My main fandom right now is Teen Wolf but I love most of the big fandoms and even some small ones. The chances are we have one if not more fandoms in common so just ask. 
About you : I’m not very outgoing at first but when I get to know someone it’s hard to get me to stop talking. I have a lot of hobbies including but not limited to writing, cooking, and reading. 
I’d like to exchange : E-mails. I’m not really in a position to send letters all the time but would love to communicate through e-mail. I’d love to swap fanfiction and fanart. 
I can speak: English only unfortunately.
I can give you : my email and then maybe my address after we’ve gotten to know each other. 
I would like to have: fandom friends just in general though if we ever mailed each other something Canada and North America would be ideal.

Name: Helena
Age: 16
Country: Germany
Fandom(s) : Harry Potter, Glee, and so much more
About you :  Well I’m from a really small town, I love English and I’d like to find people who are interested in my fandoms as well :)
I’d like to exchange : letters and thought about pretty much everything :)
I can speak: German, English, French, and a little bit Spanish
I can give you : my email… and if you behave might as well my adress 
I would like to have: friends all over the world / friends in my country, I really liked if I could get to know people from all over the planet, to be honest 

Name: Courtney
Age: 27
URL: http://ihufflepuffs.tumblr.com
Country: USA
Fandom(s) : Harry Potter
About you : Umm… I’m shy till you get to know me, but I love making new friends.
I’d like to exchange : letters, fanfics
I can speak: English
I can give you : My e-mail… maybe address after we’ve talked a bit
I would like to have: All over the world (as long as your English is decent) and the USA

Name: Nicole

Age: (remember , you have to be 16 years old at least :3)16

URL: prongs-in-the-tardis

Country: USA

Fandom(s) : Harry Potter (is it even possible to hate this fandom), Doctor Who (my url probably gives at least that much away), Sherlock, Supernatural, Hunger Games, Glee, and there’s probably more but those are the only ones I can think of

About you : (write a little presentation!)I’m basically that girl that doesn’t know how to shut up or whisper. I love re-reading books and listening to show tunes and fandom-y songs. I’m really good at watching full seasons of shows in a short amount of time. I also have a fan fiction obsession. I am currently hooked on reading about Jily. High school is pretty stupid but I’m gonna be in this awesome art class next year so all is well. I’ve never had a pen pal before but I’m super jealous of my friend’s.

I’d like to exchange : letters, fanfictions, fanart, crafts, everything (tell what you want to exchange!)letters/emails, crafts/arts-y things

I can speak: English

I can give you : my email / my address / both email…maybe later an address

I would like to have: friends all over the world / friends in my country / both both

Name: Sophia (or Candy)
Age:  21
URL: http://candyexorcist.tumblr.com/
Country: USA
Fandom(s) : Good Omens, Discworld, Sherlock, Neil Gaiman, Blue Exorcist, Fate/Zero (less so Fate/Stay Night), Harry Potter, Les Miserables, Black Butler, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Korezom, Vampire Chronicles, Mortal Instruments, CLAMP, Scott Pilgrim, Thor, A Song of Ice and Fire, RE:Play, Monty Python, Star Trek, Artemis Fowl, Charlie Bone/Kingdom of the Red King, Newsies, Boondock Saints, Baccano!, Animorphs, classic lit… just to name a few! Try me on just about anything else; I’ve probably heard of it. ;D I also hover around the edges of a lot of fandoms that are big on tumblr, like Supernatural and Doctor Who.
About you : I’m a college student who plans to become fluent in German and study abroad someday. My favorite things include reading, writing, drawing and fanwork of all sorts — I LOVE cosplay, roleplaying and OCs, and if you let me ramble about both and my feels I’ll love you forever. I’m very silly, I’m fond of staying up until unreasonable hours become reasonable hours again, and although I don’t think I give great advice, I’m always happy to listen to my friends’ problems and support them the best that I can. I also love anything to do with folklore, angels and demons, and language.
I’d like to exchange : letters, fanfictions, fanart, crafts, everything (whatever you guys want! I love to include random doodads and clippings in my letters :3)
I can speak: English, a very little bit of Japanese/German, rusty German
I can give you : my email / my address / both
I would like to have: friends all over the world / friends in my country / both

And here’s me!


Name: Brittany
Age: 24
URL: http://babyloutattoo89.tumblr.com/
Country: Usa
Fandom(s) : Avengers, All things Marvel really, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Adventure Time, Emilie Autumn,
About you : I’m a psychology major with a wide variety of interests. I love to watch movies and tv shows. One of my favorite past times is laying in bed with my BFF with crappy food watching DVDs all day.  I love to write letters, journals, stories, fan fiction, all sorts of things! Some of my other interests are music, roller derby, swapping with my penpals, and spending hours on Tumblr.
I’d like to exchange : letters, fanfictions, crafts, all sorts of things
I can speak: English
I can give you : my address
I would like to have: both

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Apologies for the non-penpal posts

Tonight I sent something to the wrong blog, but I also noticed a couple of posts from 2 weeks ago that should have been on my personal blog too.  Apologies for the mix up.  They’ve been deleted now.

- Nessa

Name: Cheyenne
Age: 19 (almost 20)
URL: http://the-space-cows-keep-mooing.tumblr.com
Country: United States

Fandom(s) : Supernatural, Glee, some Star Trek, Harry Potter, Hunger Games (I’m working on starting Doctor Who)

About you : Well currently a sophomore psychology major going to school in Oklahoma. I don’t really do much but study and watch lots of netflix with my roommate (I swear I have tons of funny stories though!) I just started season one of The Game of Thrones and I honestly don’t know what took me so long. I’m new to most of the popular tumblr fandoms and I’m always excited to talk about them with anyone. Anything else you want to know just ask.

I’d like to exchange : Letters, Cards, Postcards

I can speak: English

I can give you : My Address

I would like to have: Friends from anywhere

Random fact about me: I have never broken a bone, but I do have a scar in my eyebrow from running into the side of grandmother’s house when I was young.

Hi new followers :)

Hoping you’ll find a pen pal or submit your own information! 


Name: Patrycja (but you can call me Pat)

Age: 20

URL: woohoo-song.tumblr.com

Country: Poland

Fandoms: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Downton Abbey, Star Wars, Pushing Daisies, the IT Crowd, Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, the Borgias, Game of Thrones (but only the books), Merlin, Top Gear, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Pratchett’s Discworld, the Mighty Boosh

About you: So, basically I love films, tv series, books and music. I always collect something - currently I collect coins and postcards. I love to buy new books and cd albums - but in my opinion books are better than cds that’s why my shelves are full of them. I’m going to start uni this year so - I hope - my life won’t be that boring anymore. I love writing (quite) long letters and putting them into cute envelopes. One day I’m going to learn French but this day is not today. I hope some of my dreams will come true - especially this one about winning at the lottery ahah… I tend to be a bit messy and I’m not good in making plans. 

I’d like to exchange: letters and postcards

I can speak: English and Polish 

I can give you: my email / my address / both

I would like to have: friends all over the world / friends in my country / both

photo IMG_0148_zps7fdd5ddc.jpg
Name: Natalie
Age: 21
URL: jaseyrage.tumblr.com
Country: USA (California)
Fandom(s) : Divergent series, The Hunger Games, Sarah Dessen books,
The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, any other type of YA or dystopian type of books (I love reading).
There For Tomorrow, All Time Low, HIM, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, You Me At Six, Pierce the Veil, Mayday Parade, etc.
The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Sherlock, Doctor Who (second-hand fandom), Supernatural (second-hand fandom), Being Human (kinda).

About you : 
I’m big on writing, reading and music. I used to be on a roller derby team, but I had to quit before I could ever participate in a bout or scrimmage (its sad). I still love the sport, it’s one of my favorite things to talk about, along with awesome bands and books. I write stories (published a book) on Wattpad, but I haven’t written a fanfiction in years.
I don’t have any close friends anymore, but I do have a boyfriend, and I spend a lot of time at home, because I’m just awkward, I dunno. It’d be nice to have a penpal, I haven’t written letters in such a long time. :)

I’d like to exchange : everything - letters, fanfictions, whatever!
I can speak: English (sorry, I’m a lazy American!)
I can give you : my email and/or my address

I would like to have: friends from wherever!